Aurora Sonora

CC-BY-NC: Izabela Smela

The wandering in a particular place leads you to discover something new: the cities are endless and constantly changing, there may be as impersonal, which is why we often fail to ask the right attention on where we are.

Aurora Sonora is an invitation to reflect on the perception of sound (and music) in the urban context, looking for a new outlook on the district, the different modes of living a certain place, focus on listening and “appropriate” public space as active citizens.
Aurora Sonora is developed through a soundwalk in certain streets and places of Aurora in Turin, thanks to geolocated site-specific sound compositions and the app, Echoes.

The research on the local territory, its social and cultural contexts was carried out by three sound artists (George Alloatti, Alessandro PeirettiYellows and Fabio BattistettiEniac). Aurora Sonora allows you to discover streets, squares never traveled before and live them differently.

Since 2016
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Language italian
Hosted by Associazione "è"
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Location Turin, TO, Italia
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