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68 High St, Brentford TW8 0AH, UK

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Duration30 minutes
No longer available

Chronomotive describes the moment in the present when you realise you are the future self you projected from the past.

it is this reflection that reveals the chronomotion, a trajectory in time between two distinct events: 

the vision and its revision. 

As you walk around the Watermans Art Centre you follow the astronomer Charlie Green; Trans-man Michael Dillon; archeologist Gertrude Caton; the king of Britain Cassivellaunus; and worshippers of the god Chronos. All weaved in an abstracted poetic reality.

Some Say That Dreams Are Chronomotive.

The Places, The Situations And The Unfamiliar Faces That Appear When The Mind Is Unhinged On Physical Reality, Do They Belong To A Different Time?

Are They The Faces You Would Have Met Had You Decided To Do One Thing And Not The Other?

Duration: 35min

Commissioned by Watermans Art Gallery

for Networked Bodies Weekend 

Download the app, bring headphones, enable location services, preload the content as instructed before you begin.

Near 68 High St, Brentford TW8 0AH, UK

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