Clodgy Walk

A musical accompaniment to your daily walk. All I suggest is that you follow the route and when you hear music, perhaps stop and let yourself stare a while at anything your eyes happen to rest upon.
This walk comes from my thinking about and studying of synchresis. The forging of sound and visual to create an experience most powerfully used in cinema, it seemed to me a natural step to make music for others to enjoy whilst walking. Of course, in the the locative sound context this is nothing new, and I must humbly admit that this is one of my first attempts at responding to the source location and experience of walking this particular route through my musical instinctivness.
The Clodgy walk is a popular local 45 minute circuit that magically takes you from residential suburbia almost instantly into an area of outstanding beauty. The change is remarkable, it’s like stepping through the wardrobe. The road turns to lane to track to path then delivers you at the coastal path that carries you round and back to Porthmeor beach and the Tate museum side of town, often glistening in sunshine with light reflected back at you from the surface of the sea. This dramatic and energising walk really did inspire me musically to provide the accompaniment to allow listeners to try a new experience on their walk, to stop and take a moment to reconsider what they saw from a still poignant almost nostalgic perspective.

The 16 variations on one single theme are mostly 30 seconds long intersected by 4 slightly longer piano explorations lasting no more than 3 minutes.

Since 2020
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Location St Ives, UK

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