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SWS21 2021

Collision & Conflict

Greenhead and environs, Northumberland, UK
Sound walk

Collision & Conflict is a geolocated sound walk along Hadrian’s Wall national trail, triggering artistic responses connected to specific locations on the route enjoyed through headphones.

In December 2020, Green Croft arts commissioned 14 artists who had strong links to Northumberland, Cumbria and nationalities that reflected the past diversity of the communities that built, manned and lived along Hadrian’s Wall. The 9 commissions are creative responses in song, music, sound, story, spoken word and prose which explore the historical, archeological and environmental conflicts and issues that affect contemporary rural communities today.

Collision & Conflict launched in April 2021 and will be available until the end of September 2021.


Hosted by: Green Croft Arts

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Green Croft Arts, & Haigh, K. (2021). Collision & Conflict. walk · listen · create.
Green Croft Arts

Green Croft Arts

(United Kingdom) 
Kit Haigh

Kit Haigh




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In the 1600s, anteambulate referred to walking in front of someone to show them the way, like an usher. Credits to Mark Peters.

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