Entangled in the Mesh

CC-BY-NC: Anne Cecilie Caroline Brunborg Lie
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Entangled in the Mesh is a geolocative soundwalk through Campus Ås, Norway and beyond. Accompanied by deadwood sculptures placed around the Campus Park of the University of Life Sciences at Ås.

How to experience the work:

Download Locosonic app for free
Put on GPS on your smartphone
Be present at Campus Ås
select all soundscapes
Search for Entangled in the Mesh
Download Walk
Put on your headphones
Start tour and go explore!
If you don´t have a smartphone you can borrow an Ipad at Vitenparken Campus Ås Cafe. You can also borrow headphones there.

“mesh; a word for ‘the interconnectedness of all living and non-living things’ can mean the holes in a network and threading between them. It suggests both hardness and delicacy. It has antecedents in mask and mass, suggesting both density and deception. Who or what is interconnected with what or with whom? The mesh is vast, perhaps immeasurably so. Nothing exists all by itself, and so nothing is fully “itself.”
Our encounter with other beings becomes profound. They are strange, even intrinsically strange. The ecological thought imagines a multitude of entangled strange strangers.”
Timothy Morton, the Ecological Thought

Lie´s master project is based upon a network of entangled habitats woven together in multiple sound walks through the campus of the University of Life Sciences (NMBU) at Ås. The work is presented in collaboration with Vitenparken Campus Ås.

Working with sonic landscapes and ecosystems that are not always easy to access, both physically and aurally, Lie reveals the complexity and strangeness of a world often unseen and unheard. Through listening and sensorial experiences, she intertwines phenomena from the beginning of life, the current geological era proposed as the Anthropocene (“the human scene”) and speculative futures, exploring different time scales (geological, primordial, seasons, day and night). Her walks aim to skew the human-centred perspective and focus on the non-human stories we share our spaces with.
Another durational project coexists with the sound-walk: an ecovention of deadwood placed around campus. These natural sculptures will rot and live on through other forms of life, on a timescale stretching far beyond the artist’s. They represent an invitation for dwelling of and with the other.

Lie is inspired by the mycelium network of the mushroom as a tentacular organism, able to make diverse and flourishing worlds. The mycelium is in everything we touch, see and breath, yet often goes unnoticed. This enigmatic and mysterious ancient being has made life on earth possible and still does, in a way that reaches far beyond our scopes. Perhaps we can find answers in the ancient Mycelium´s collaborations and metamorphosis to make liveable and newfangled futures for the dark and odd habitat we have created.

Since 2018
Hosted by Vitenparken Campus Ås
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Location Ås, Norge

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