Hampstead Heath Sound Walk

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Hampstead, London, UK

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The Hampstead Heath Sound Walk explores the sonic topography surrounding and encompassing one of London’s most beloved green spaces, Hampstead Heath. Beginning at Hampstead Heath Overground Station, the walk follows the paths and walking trails, exploring and uncovering the varying sonic spaces the heath has to offer. From dog walkers, swimmers, wildlife and open space, as a group we will observe how the rise and fall in elevation alters the auditory space around us.

The walk aims to draw attention to the auditory landscape that we might otherwise overlook in our daily lives, building a closer relationship to green spaces in our urban landscapes.

Cecilia Tyrrell

My practise revolves around the physical experience of sound, exploring the environment around us and how we exist within it. I draw upon notions of ecology and psychogeography to illuminate processes and systems that go unnoticed by the human experience, ...

Near Hampstead, London, UK

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