Heal the Land, Heal the People

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Cully, Portland, OR, USA

Walking piece details

Duration55 minutes

This land along Nichi’wana (the Columbia River) once held a Native trade center and gathering site near its intersection with the Willamette. Indigenous people from as far away as the territory many now call Alaska, the Dakotas, and the Desert Southwest all came together in this important place. As Indigenous inhabitants here in the Northwest were displaced and treaties were not honored, the land was reshaped and mistreated, taking on several different forms—most recently that of a landfill.

Now the most ethnically and racially diverse Census tract in Oregon, Cully is also the largest neighborhood in Portland. Cully Park is at its heart, and with its Native Gathering Garden and community of caretakers tending the land, it pulses with hope for regeneration and with Indigenous people’s past, present, and future.

This Soundwalk features voices of local Indigenous community members and a recorded performance by Nez Perce drumming group Four Directions.

Third Angle New Music

Third Angle New Music

SWS Award winner

The music of our time creates a soundtrack to contemporary life, existing at the intersection of musical forms from jazz and classical to rock and electronica. For more than 30 years, Third Angle New Music has played outside the lines of the expected with ...

Sarah Tiedemann

Sarah Tiedemann

Third Angle Artistic Director Sarah Tiedemann currently serves as second flute/piccolo of the Oregon Ballet Theatre Orchestra. She has also performed locally and internationally in groups including the Swedish Radio Symphony, Royal Stockholm Philharmonic, ...

Near Cully, Portland, OR, USA

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