Hero with 7 Faces

CC-BY-NC: Joel Cahen
No longer available.

The seven archetypes of the creative consciousness guide a journey into the Panopticon, of the mind, of society. 

Look inside the Eye of Horus

Does the All Seeing Eye offer Protection?

Is it a reflection?

Interzone Theatre merges psychogeography with psychoacoustics through composition. It is an exploratory experience where the buildings, parks and waterways serve as a backdrop, and passersby become unwitting extras in a psycho-geographical interactive journey through the cityscape. 

Passersby might see the dots but only you can connect them and see the narrative unfolding with each zone you step in.

Headphones essential. 

Install the Interzone Theatre app, preload the content as instructed, enable location services, and make sure your phone is charged before you begin.

Since 2013
Hosted by Joel Cahen
Duration 40 minutes
Location 197 Camden High St, Camden Town, London NW1 7BT, UK

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