Hidden Traces – London

CC-BY-NC: Gabriele Reuter

Produced by Gabriele Reuter & Mattef Kuhlmey

Hidden Traces is a sound journey discovering the streets around The Place. A self-guided tour for all ages tracing the many identities of the ever-changing neighborhood between Euston, St. Pancras and Kings Cross Station in London.Choreographer and Urban Historian Gabriele Reuter and composer Mattef Kuhlmey have been gathering memories and stories of the streets surrounding The Place Theatre by interviewing the people who have lived and worked in the neighbourhood.

With the support of The British Library and The Place they have been building an audio map of how the area has changed, from the war to present day. Many local residents and establishments have been involved in the project, adding their narrative to the layers of history in these streets.

pastedGraphic_1.pngHidden Traces is running until December 2017, a map, head phones and MP3 players are available at The Place Box Office during opening times or downloadable via the theatre’s website.

Since 2016
Hosted by The Place
Website URL
Duration 60 minutes
Location 41E Burton St, Kings Cross, London WC1H 9AL, UK

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