HIP Trip of Brighton: A Psychedelic Wander

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Brighton, UK

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Based around found objects and a palimpsest capturing memories of Brighton, HIP Trip started by introducing you to a flat caught between two timelines and personalities: the home of Anne Clarke during 70s bohemian Brighton, and a squat established by Jolie in 2002.

HIP Trip explored the true story of Brightonian Anne Clarke. The discovery of Anne’s diaries and letters by squatter Jolie Booth, unearthed a huge archive about the city they’ve both lived in and experiences they’ve shared. Visiting places Anne wrote about and learning how her life left an imprint on the city
HIP Trip transports the audience, in this extra-live performance, to a Brighton now forgotten and the significant counterculture places where the cool cats hung out.

Jolie’s soothing and passionate storytelling interweaved Annie’s real letters and diaries with vestiges from her own life to reveal an immediate and clear association.

“An authentic and human exploration of inherently unstable modern tribalism.” Sick of the Fringe

Jolie Booth


Jolie Booth is artistic director of cutting edge arts company Kriya Arts. Last year she partnered with Anna Lehmann from No Planet B Initiative to create this once in a lifetime experience... In September 2021 a group of ordinary people, set off on an e...

Near Brighton, UK

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