Inside out Homerton

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Homerton Hospital (Stop F), London, UK

Walking piece details

Duration 46 minutes

Explore birth, madness and creativity, inside and out of ‘The Institution.’ Voices arise unbidden from the music of the modern city: invisible telephones, crossed wires, radio static, broken water, tinkling glass, fragments of song. This Audiotour blurs boundaries between auditory hallucination and external sound. Put on your headphones for full immersion. In track 1 you will meet the odd couple whose back-and-forth will guide you. The other voices represent people associated with Centerprise, the Mental Patients’ Union and Core Arts, from the pre-NHS era to the present day. Inside Out begins at Homerton station (Berger Road exit) and comes almost full circle.

Laura Mitchison

SWS Award winner

Co-founder of On the Record CIC. Oral History, co-production, creative media.

Near Homerton Hospital (Stop F), London, UK

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