La Grand Tour 2017

CC-BY-NC: Igor Binsbergen
El Grand Tour 2017
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An audio document completed out of hours of binaural sound-recordings that were made during a 9 days journey through the Catalan countryside (Spain) walking from Puigcerdà to the sanctuary “El Miracle” near Solsona. A group of artists hiked all through the Catalan Pyrenees and the national park Cadì-Moixerò, visiting other artists who live there. They welcomed the visitors with their art and performances.
The cultural association Nau Côclea from the village Camallera in Catalonia organized the passage and it took place during the month of august of 2017 and covered a total of 300km of walking.
The audio recordings were made by Igor Binsbergen and edited afterwards preserving the binaural format (listen with closed headphones for an optimal experience).

Since 2017
Language Catalan and Castellano
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Duration 22 minutes
Location Multiple locations

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