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Abbotsbury, Weymouth, UK

Walking piece details

Artmusic‘s Lachrymae, an immersive installation of sculpture and music was installed in Chapel Coppice on the South Dorset Ridgeway as part of the Inside Out Dorset Festival in 2014.

Artmusic has collaborated with Satsymph who make gps-triggered immersive soundworlds to create a virtual version of Lachrymae that can be experienced via your smart phone.
It’s a 20 minute walk from the nearest road and it’s best to allow at least 20 minutes to experience the piece. Chapel Coppice is a beautiful place so it’s well worth the walk. Download ‘Land Bone and Stone App 1’ from the Satsymph website. The app includes everything you need – instructions, maps and background information.

There are more geo-located sound pieces in the series so this may also lead you elsewhere on the South Dorset Ridgeway.

Visit for more information on the different versions of Lachrymae.

Helen Ottaway

Helen Ottaway

Helen is a composer, sound artist and curator based in the South West of the UK. She is the lead artist for Artmusic which creates, produces and promotes collaborative, participatory and site-specific art work. Finding inspiration in beauty, statistics, c...

Near Abbotsbury, Weymouth, UK

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