Leona Fensome’s 46th Home is St Albans (Radio Walks Podcast)

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St Albans, UK

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Duration31 minutes

Leona Fensome is a producer and historian. Itinerant by nature, she has made St Albans her 46th home in 45 years. Her mixed-race heritage has made her inquisitive of people – always looking round the corner for an interesting story to re-tell.

Jonathan Kempster managed to catch up with her briefly, and share a walk around her current nesting site, the cathedral city of St Albans, to hear the story of Leona’s continuing journey.

Jonathan Kempster

Online Jury 2022

Freelance Oral Historian and Audio Journalist. BBC Radio News 1986-2021; Imperial War Museum Sound Archive 2016-present. Recorded interviews outdoors during COVID pandemic, some published in the podcast series 'Radio Walks'. Born, raised, and walking...

Near St Albans, UK

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