Let’s Take a Walk

Let’s take a walk.
Join me on site or via Twitter
We’ll walk together.

This project began in 2010 as a Twitter project. As it evolved, it also became an on-site performance and participants from anywhere in the world still join in via Twitter.

During the performance I encourage observers to join in, we walk together, though apart, we’ll journey along the same path.
On site I’m assisted by a Town Crier, Tweet Master, and Drummer. During the walk, I ask questions about specific topic(s) related to the walk, prompting dialogue, inviting participants to sing a song, say something nice to someone, etc.

For example, LTAW #39 took place during The Climate Strike, LTAW #40 dealt with social justice.
As we journey, the knitted overskirt I wear (created days prior each walk with passers-by) unravels, leaving traces.
Performance artifacts, along with film and photographs of our journeys, are compiled into an installation, showing the experience of our group walking in different places, yet moving in sync.
All the walks are documented on my Let’s Take a Walk blog, http://letstakeawalkmc.blogspot.com.

So far there have been 40 walks; each is a shared moment—a step towards peace.

Contact me via @mcayer on Twitter or via my web site at http://www.mariechristine.com, if you wish to be notified on the next walk details.

Duration detail: each walks require two days or more of knitting & conversation with passers-by, performance time is about 40 minutes of which 20 minutes are shared via Twitter.

Since 2010
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