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Duration40 minutes
Cost £0

Part of the Walk This Play® series by ThickSkin, commissioned by Step Up MCR. Featuring stories and voices from the communities of Ancoats, Clayton, Beswick & Openshaw.

Celebrating the monuments big and small, the people that built the buildings from the ground up and that keep the beating heart of the area alive.

I am cobbles. I am red brick and stone. I am cotton mills. I am the water racing through the canals, connecting Manchester to the rest of the world. I am communities that care. Looking for a connection.

Monuments guides you around the Ancoats cobbles, old and new, asking you not to overlook the buildings and the communities that make the area unique.

You will need to download the free Walk This Play® app to your device.

In the Walk This Play® app, search for Monuments by ThickSkin.

Make sure you ‘download’ the walk while still connected to wifi, before you set off.



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Jonnie Riordan

Jonnie Riordan

Jonnie is a Director and Movement Director. Jonnie creates work for theatre, film and virtual reality. ​

Near Cutting Room Square, Ancoats, Manchester, UK