Pant, 3 Ladies Smiled at Me

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Trondheim, Norway

Walking piece details



CC-BY-NC: Rachel Wolfe

Soundtrack walking through Trondheim to return empty bottles and cans for recycling. The PANT system requires prepayment of the fee returned once the bottles are inserted into the automated machine.

The short walk to the store features the soundscape of midmorning traffic, followed by the visit to the PANT Automat, a short grocery shopping, and return walk with a short pause to make a photo on the mobile phone.

The Scandic soundscape, particularly during the Corona Crisis, features few human interactions, automated doors and machines, and a few invisible smiles to brighten the day.

The sounds are best on headphones at a lower volume.

Rachel Wolfe

Rachel Wolfe

Rachel Wolfe (b. 1984, American) creates sublime timescapes proliferating beauty through public installations, images (photography, video), textiles, and sculptures. She conducts artistic research, and serves as a curator, consultant, voice talent, de...

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