PAS – Sensitive Audio Course by a duo of headphones and ringing places

Unknown license: Gilles Malatray

Duo / scenario

Gilles is a “listening stroller”
It takes the public to the singular discovery of a geography through sound.
In town as in countryside. It offers listening postures revealing soundscapes within earshot.

Benoit is a musician-performer, manipulator of materials and sound objects.
Both provide the public with a sonic, playful, offbeat experience, playing, or even playing with everything that makes sounds: acoustics, what presents itself along the way.
They stage reinvigorated listening, make us visit incredible places, between silences and music of the places.

Since 2019
Language French/English/Silence
Hosted by Desartsonnants
Website URL
Duration 120 minutes
Cost 20/25
Location Multiple locations

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