Pastoral Paradise: Prospect Park Meditation

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Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Walking piece details

Duration45 minutes
No longer available

Across undulating meadows, into the ravine, around Beaux-Arts structures and precious trees, tread the path that many Brooklynites have tread before you.​

A fully immersive, mobile audio tour through Olmsted and Vaux’s Brooklyn masterpiece. Enjoy and reconnect with nature, with a dose of history and mindfulness.

Prospect Park was a saving grace for locals like us during lockdown, we were lucky to have this oasis as our backyard. Due to the pandemic, the park lost critical funding and has had to make painful cuts in staff and services. At a time when Prospect Park is more important to our wellbeing and our community than ever, we made this walk to express our love for the park. While the tour is free, please support the Prospect Park Alliance, the non-profit organization that safeguards this treasure.

Pastoral Paradise was written and produced by Rebecca Chaisson.

Estimated duration: 45 mins

Walking distance: 1.4 mi

Start point: 3rd St & Prospect Park West

Suggested donation: $10

This tour has advanced features. You’ll need the app to begin exploring.

Henna Wang

Henna Wang

Hi! I am Henna Wang, an art historian and sociologist deeply interested in human creativity and connection. My work across the arts and international development sectors have prepped me for my most important role yet: as Co-founder and Co-CEO of Gesso. Ges...

Michael Reynolds

Michael Reynolds

I love exploring cities and have been really fortunate to have lived in a lot of places. I met my wife while I was living in London and we became fast friends with a mutual admiration for exploration and travel. Both of us love last-minute, poorly-planned ...

Near Prospect Park West, Brooklyn, NY, USA

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