Promenade Provençal

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Sound installation for a multidisciplinary, multi-sensory exhibition commissioned by the tourism office of Bouches-du-Rhòne in partnership with the eco-design agency Canopée exploring the natural environments of four communes of Southern France – Miramas, Istres, Martigues & Salon-de-Provence.

This sonic journey invites the listener to discover the native landscapes and soundsapes found in these pockets of Provence. From the banks of Étang de Berre to the ancient Roman shepherd flatlands of Le Crau, through the lush forests, markets and coasts of fishing villages and Medieval sites.

The piece can be listened to by visiting the Audiography page on my personal website:

Then by clicking on the left hand menu : MIMS x Canopée

To enjoy the full experience of this work, it’s advised the listener uses headphones.

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