Sensing Body and City

Drifting Bodies / Fluent Spaces – Lab2PT & Made of Walking (VII) – Guimaraes (Portugal)

Artists and academics were invited to participate with an audio paper (a performative or walking audio essay) or an audio walk for the walking arts encounters/conference Drifting Bodies – Fluid Spaces / Made of Walking (VII). Below, work submitted as walking audio essay or sound walk.

An audio walk based of the same named film Sensing Body and City (2020). In a 12-minute inner stream of consciousness, elements from different times, reflections and personal memory mesh together with a soundscape. As a poetic introspective a female* voice is moving through a mosaic of her present perception and memory that arise in certain places in Berlin. The protagonist seeks for new images and representations of personal memories that are non-visible for others, written in the body just as the city.Short bio

Poem / voice over (text):

Since 2020
Hosted by Drifting bodies - Fluent Spaces, walking arts encounters/conference, Guimaraes (Portugal) - Made of Walking (VII)
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