Singing with Bridges Soundwalk

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Bromley By Bow, London, UK

Walking piece details

Singing with bridges

This is a self directed experience to participate in a sound project celebrating life midst the chaos.

The location, Bromley-by-Bow in London, is an intersection of pathways – industrial, urban, and natural. In just this short walk there is a rich soundscape, culminating in intensity under the bridge .


Before you start walking:
Turn off your phone.
If you are with people, don’t talk to each other, just take in the sounds, smells, colours. Follow the directions.

When you reach the bridge:
– Stand quietly under the bridge and wait for a train.
– As the train passes overhead you can choose how you want to respond.
– When the train has passed, be silent and wait for the next one.
– Stay for at least three trains to really get a feel for it.

As the train goes overhead:
You can engage however you like…

Just listen and hum.
– Can you harmonise with it?
– Sing/shout out.
– Listen to a pre-recorded voice – put one headphone on and press play to join other voices as the train goes by. recording here:
– Record yourself ( and send the recording to me to add to the voices of Singing with Bridges).
– Write down the answer later to “How does it make you feel?”

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences. You can message me here:

There’s a juxtaposition in the city where you can see the human design yet it has a life beyond our control. We are involved yet superfluous. There is order imposed, but simultaneously we might be swept away by chaos.

The city is in flux but within the tumult there is flow. Those moments of sync can be joyous, or cathartic. A time to appreciate and participate in the gigantic rhythm of the living machine. Singing along is an response to the song that surrounds you, harmonising or discord.

This is a context inviting you to engage with your place, space and voice in the city.

Singing with Bridges is an interactive sound project by Marg Laing. Marg is a London-based sound artist working with field recordings and human interventions to create soundscapes and experiences.

Near Bromley By Bow, London, UK

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