Sonic Blooming

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Arlington Heights, Portland, OR, USA

Walking piece details

Duration60 minutes
Cost Free

Sonic Blooming is a guided meditation on the sound of movement, growth, and transformation in our environments both external and internal. At the time of year when the roses at the International Rose Test Garden are beginning to bloom, plants are generating extra energy. In this soundwalk Crystal has used a process called Biodata Sonification, attaching sensors to the plant’s in the garden to collect their electrical impulses. She has translated these impulses into musical pitches and sound that make up half of the composition visitors will hear. The other half of the composition is made up of field recordings collected in the space. Soundwalkers will be able to listen to this soundscape via a weblink as they explore the garden. Crystal is working with web developers Michael Romay and Jena Boehm, who are creating a site that will host the music, instructions, and have a place where visitors can upload their own field recordings which will be integrated with the soundscapes over the course of the month.

Third Angle New Music

Third Angle New Music

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The music of our time creates a soundtrack to contemporary life, existing at the intersection of musical forms from jazz and classical to rock and electronica. For more than 30 years, Third Angle New Music has played outside the lines of the expected with ...

Crystal Cortez

Crystal Cortez

Crystal Cortez is a musician, creative coder, professor and creative producer based in Portland, Oregon. Under her performance moniker Crystal Quartez she weaves field recordings, synthesis, self-made electronics, and multi-channel sound spatialization to ...

Near Arlington Heights, Portland, OR, USA

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