Sorry, I Disappeared

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Derby, an Ríocht Aontaithe

Walking piece details

Duration 45 minutes
Cost Free

Part of the Walk This Play® series by ThickSkin, commissioned by Derby Theatre.
Inspired by the experiences of new arrivals to Derby.

Walk This Play® is a new series of location-based audio plays by ThickSkin, designed for listeners as they walk.

The plays are immersive and immediate, transporting you inside the story. Each is unique to its location and invites you to experience a familiar route from a new perspective. Through narration and original music blended with the sights and sounds around you, Walk This Play® takes you on a journey of imagination and discovery.

To enjoy the experience, simply download the Walk This Play® app, plug in your headphones and press play.

Sorry I Disappeared has been created as a Walk This Play® experience for Derby.

You said you needed a new start…
So this is it, Derby, an alternative history.

Elle disappeared, again. Her brother, Kay, has traced her to Derby. He discovers the hidden messages she’s left him around the city, like an Easter egg hunt or trail of breadcrumbs.

Elle’s been pretty creative with the truth, so grab your headphones and listen in to her unique take on the world around you.

Writers & Directors
Michael Beigel & Jess Williams

Composer and Sound Designer
Lee Affen



ThickSkin is reinventing theatre for the next generation. We are reimagining what theatre can be and looking to share human stories through quality, future-facing, multi-disciplined formats. We’re developing 360° artists of the future for a hybrid world...

Near Derby, an Ríocht Aontaithe

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