Soundpaths: Moston & Harpurhey

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Moston, Manchester, UK

Walking piece details

Duration50 minutes

Whether you’re looking to explore the neighbourhood, take a gentle stroll or go for an energetic run, Soundpaths will take you on a sonic journey through the parks and streets of Moston and Harpurhey via music and sound from a phone app. Feel your mood lift as GPS tracks where you are along the route, changing the soundtrack to boost your physical and mental wellbeing.

Amsterdam-based composer Yonatan Collier has been working with communities in Moston and Harpurhey, and Brighter Sound, recording the hums of nature and the urban landscape and incorporating them into his music, creating an experience that is both new and familiar. You’ll even hear a sermon from St Dunstan’s Church woven into the music as you pass by. Maybe you’ll experience your local area in a whole new way, see beauty where you hadn’t before and create new memories about a place you thought you knew.

Yonatan Collier

Yoni Collier is currently working towards a practice-based PhD; an examination of how location based recording, musical performance and production can be used as tools for examining artistic practice, landscape and history. Alongside a written thesis, Yoni...

Near Moston, Manchester, UK

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