CC-BY-NC: Geert Vermeire

A simultaneous sound walk in the National Garden of Athens and online map about embodied doing and/or thinking through action. Embodied Cognition, using the art as vehicle guide us to acknowledge the cognitive integration of mind, body and world.

The walk contains excerpts of books/ interviews by writers Will Kymlicka & Sue Donaldson, Lucile Desblache, Concha Cortés Zulueta, Marta González, and Tonia Raquejo

Inspired by the book Zoopolis by Will Kymlicka & Sue Donaldson.

Created by Research Group ‘Art and Embodied Cognition in Creative Processes: Ecological Awareness of the Self in the Environment”. Marta Pinilla, Laura F.Gibellini, Tonia Raquejo, Verónica Perales, Concha Cortés, María Gárgoles, Amaia Salazar, Ana Pol with CGeomap.

Analogio Festiva/48th Book Festival of Athens 2019 – Ambient Storytelling, coordinated by Vermeire Geert

Locative media walk accessible on your desktop or on mobile device via


Headphones and mobile data required for the sound walk.

Since 2019
Website URL
Duration 60 minutes
Location Zappeion, Atenas, Grécia
Location Multiple locations

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