Step From I

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Walking piece details

This is a sound-enhanced version of my poem ‘Step From I’ from my full-length poetry collection – ‘Steps’ (published by Longbarrow Press).

vocals recorded in my bedcabin on my boat using my field-recorder
also includes field recording from: Watermead Park near to where I live, just to the north of Leicester, December 2009; and arable fields & very young woodland just beyond the north eastern rim of Leicester, December 2013.

Mark Goodwin

United Kingdom

Poet-sound-artist. Speaks & writes in various ways. Balancer, walker, climber, stroller. Mark Goodwin is published by a number of poetry houses including: Leafe Press’s Open House Editions, Longbarrow Press, & Shearsman Books. Mark ...

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1 Mar, 2022

A dialogue of creation – poet Mark Goodwin and editor Brian Lewis

5 Mar, 2022

Every writer is edited before publication. But what if the editing process is undertaken by someone who knows the writer and his work so well that the editing process becomes intensive dialogue of creation?

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