SubstanzWalk, Introduction to Substanzraum

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Markenseplein, The Hague, Netherlands

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CostFree, donations are welcome.

SubstanzWalk is a geo-located audio walk situated in the dunes of Den Haag and is inspired by my essay “Substanzraum, A new approach to global space”. The slightly surreal audio walk explains to you the basics of this new conception of space itself. The audio walk is composed with a mixture of synthetic and recorded environmental sounds. These sounds blend with the actual sounds of your surroundings and evoke confusions which eventually emphasise the latter. Narrated text fragments from my essay Substanzraum accompany this geo-located audio walk.

Alexander Johannes Heil
Introduction To Substanzraum
Geo-located Audio Walk
Location: Westduinpark, Den Haag, The Netherlands
Narration: Mabel Calvert Verbruggen
Duration: ca.45min.

Alexander Johannes Heil

Alexander Johannes Heil

Alexander Johannes Heil Artist and Architect B.Sc. Architecture (Technical University Berlin) M.Mus. ArtScience (Royal Conservatory & Royal Academy of Art Den Haag) ARTIST STATEMENT I explore (global) space, which I consider as one entity wi...

Near Markenseplein, The Hague, Netherlands

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