The Ears May Travel

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Duration139 minutes
Cost 14 € or more

The Ears May Travel came into existence spontaneously during the covid-19 pandemic in spring 2020. During lockdown I simply felt the urge to travel – at least in imagination.

But it is not only a vacation for the senses. It is a commentary in a time when countries around the globe are closing their borders. The scary thing is not to close borders for health purposes but using the pandemic as an argument in order to achieve a hidden political agenda. The EU, for example, now uses the lockdown to abandon refugees even harder than before, they are dying at our borders and also within our borders. At the same time we have seasonal workers shipped to Germany from Eastern European countries, so they can harvest asparagus in isolation and for starvation wages.

In this context my field recording compositions are a very friendly reminder that traveling and freedom of movement are a basic human need as well as a human right for all. I want the world to acoustically experience the vitality of the world outside of their homes and to turn outward amidst all the inwardness of these times – at least in awareness.

Keeping the world within us – in our thoughts, feelings, and actions – should always stay a solid rock.

Most of the tracks of this album consist of binaural recordings – So, please LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES!

Since this is an on-going series, I will add more tracks…

La Pesch

La Pesch

Carina Pesch (born 1983) studied Social Anthropology, Political Sciences, and Philosophy at the University of Leipzig and at the Orient Institute Beirut. La Pesch's art works range between fiction and reality, always with a strong sense for the specific ch...

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