The Gathering

Walking piece details

Language English with additional materials for hearing impairment
Duration 40 minutes
Cost free

This sound walk takes the listener back in time to the Mesolithic era approximately 7,000 years ago. The soundtrack imagines people traveling through the landscape visiting locations of ritual importance to their tribal communities. The walk allows you to hear the 21st century soundscape around you, the walk the artist took in the Summer to create the soundtrack, and gradually introduces the landscape and sounds of 7,000 years ago. You will be immersed in a soundscape combining all these aspects. On this walk you will visit the cairn field or burial site adjacent to Great Douk cave and then the cave entrance itself where you will hear the finale to the soundwalk. Take great care when entering and leaving the area of Great Douk cave and don’t enter the cave itself.



Ann Rutherford investigates the human relationship with the natural environment. She transforms journeys, explorations and physical activities into images and soundscapes, often large scale and immersive. She uses drawing, sound and printmaking in her prac...

Near Great Douk Cave, Carnforth, UK

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