The Life of Birds – Radio Walks Podcast

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Hertfordshire, UK

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Duration31 minutes

George Moreton is a passionate ornithologist living in the Chiltern Hills. He travels the world to watch birds. In this episode of Radio Walks, George guides novice ‘twitcher’ Jonathan Kempster on a walk through the Gade River Valley. We learn the truth about the dawn chorus, and hear what’s up and what’s down in the bird league table. Garden feeding, modern farming, road transport, air travel, and human activity in general make every day a battle for our feathered friends, but George is dedicated to recording the changes and challenges in the life of birds.

Jonathan Kempster

Online Jury 2022

Freelance Oral Historian and Audio Journalist. BBC Radio News 1986-2021; Imperial War Museum Sound Archive 2016-present. Recorded interviews outdoors during COVID pandemic, some published in the podcast series 'Radio Walks'. Born, raised, and walking...

Near Hertfordshire, UK

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