East Harptree lockdown walk

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East Harptree, Bristol, Somerset, UK

Walking piece details

Duration7.36 minutes

walking an unknown area crossing streams scrambling slipping under fallen trees lying prone ground level crawling along warm earth peering undergrowth shades of brown black green flash of orange bright green moss push fingers in earthy smell breath deep fungus tangle of branches stones earth twigs leaves rustling scattered seeds shoots emerging roots creeping under ground – listen ear the ground ground to ear Combining images and field recordings with sounds created by artist Michael Fairfax, provides a unsettling background – fear hovers

Janette Kerr

Janette Kerr

Janette Kerr RWA is a visual artist working primarily with drawing and painting. She is a Visiting Research Fellow in Fine Art at UWE. Exhibiting nationally and internationally, her paintings are held in private and public collections. Drawn to extreme per...

Near East Harptree, Bristol, Somerset, UK

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