Walk & Play YSP!

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Wakefield, UK

Walking piece details

Duration90 minutes
No longer available

Resident artists Idit Nathan and Helen Stratford invite you to join them to explore Yorkshire Sculpture Park through walking and playing. This interactive journey will help you experience and engage with the Park in fresh, imaginative and even mischievous ways. The ‘walkshops’ will inform the creation of a new mobile artwork that we’ll launch in October 2017.

Walk & Play YSP! follows in the wake of extensive research on how we interact with spaces we inhabit using props, prompts and games. The ‘walkshops’ are specifically designed to evoke memories and stories about play, walking and art. We view ‘walkshop’ participants’ ideas as central to the development of our artwork, which we hope will inspire others to Walk & Play YSP! from October onwards.

Near Wakefield, UK

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