Walking the Treme

CC-BY-NC: Denise Altobello

Two hundred years before the HBO television series made Tremé an emblem of the cultural richness of New Orleans, the residents of this faubourg drummed, danced, and second lined their way into history.

Tremé, touted as the oldest African American neighborhood in the United States as well as the birthplace of jazz, boasts a history of civil rights activism and jazz rhythms that lingers and inspires all who wander it. From Armstrong Park’s Congo Square to Brass Band Heaven and the Tomb of the Unknown Slave, the Faubourg Tremé will get under your skin and have you singing a bit of John Boutte’s “Hangin’ in the Treme, Watchin’ people sashay…”
So, join me for a leisurely stroll through a neighborhood like no other.

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