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Wandercast, by Ludicrous Pilgrim, seeks to tweak our relationship with the world by highlighting its playful potential. New for 2019, it’s Episode 4: Wet & Salty!  Link direct to Episode 4 above

Wandercast invites you to adopt a particular playful focus, which is different for each episode, and to use these various ludic-tinted specs to explore the world around you. What will you discover about places you find familiar? What might you discover about unfamiliar places? I once found a huge potato in the gutter, so I put it on a postbox. True story.

You can Wandercast your lunch break, Wandercast your way home; Wandercast the streets, Wandercast the woods; Wandercast the night, Wandercast the day; you can Wandercast whenever and wherever you want! 

Each Wandercast has some pre-wandering info to give an idea of its focus.




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