Watch In?

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Jabbeke, België

Walking piece details

Duration90 minutes

Watch in? is a listening application that aifoon developed for the Permeke museum in Jabbeke. The listening application consists of an AudioCollier, a pendant with a speaker that the museum visitor carries around his neck. The speaker plays a sound composition through which the visitor enters into an audiovisual relationship with the work of Permeke.

The sound composition dictates nothing; it makes suggestions, it teases and questions, and it activates the associative frameworks of the visitors. By wearing the AudioCollier the visitor becomes a listener as well as a performer and a composer who also determines the experience of the other visitors. Different visitors, each with an AudioCollier, become a walking surround system.

Stijn Dickel

Stijn Dickel

SWS Online Jury 2022 SWS Online Jury 2023

Stijn Dickel is artistic director of aifoon. aifoon is a Belgian arts organisation focusing on sound & listening art. We examine the movement, dimensions & scopes of sound. We capture sounds and use them as raw materials for artistic productions ...

Near Jabbeke, België

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