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Drifting Bodies / Fluent Spaces – Lab2PT & Made of Walking (VII) – Guimaraes (Portugal)

Artists and academics were invited to participate with an audio paper (a performative or walking audio essay) or an audio walk for the walking arts encounters/conference Drifting Bodies – Fluid Spaces / Made of Walking (VII).

Waterwalk seeks to explore the symbiosis of internal and external water sources within the body and the atmosphere. water walk will include interactive, sense-based guides and engage with inner and outer themes of water. Harnessing the fluid, meditative quality of water; the paper will guide a walking pattern that seeks to meander, formlessly like the river or the stream through the landscape.
The walk will take place within a twenty minute time frame, with the ultimate ending point unique to the individual. Water walk is ambiguous in its sense of placelessness and is undetermined by rural or urban contexts. It is unfixed, bound to the experience of the elements. It is an exploration of and an immersion into water.
Water work can be engaged with during rainfall or imagined rainfall, just as it can unfold as either a physical walk or an imagined mind walk.
Instructions: Please have a bottle of water with you before the sound walk commences. You will be instructed to have a drink of water.

Full text: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ioziIH8u5QG5mF9QOVP94Y1cBoWbpovA/view?usp=sharing

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