Weiße Elster – interactive composition

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I worked with the sounds of the river Weiße Elster in Leipzig between six bridges and explored the mutual human-river relationship with different microphones and the voice impro technique Automatic Speaking invented by Antje Vowinckel to record my immediate perception of the space. Exploring the river that crosses my city, made me realize how important it is – to me, many other people, animals, and for the specific character of the place. It brings a flow into the city, offers relaxation, reflection, meeting points, contact with animals and nature, a sense of magic – whether that is white or black magic. Where there is the river, there is a great variety of sounds. The river’s burbling can drown annoying city noises and offer calmness. The river’s powerful noise at the weir, in contrast, drowns everything else. The river is a symbol of life. It can be soft, it can be forceful, and anything in-between. Bridges help to cross.

RIVERSSSOUNDS is organized by DZESTRA (Chernivtsi, UA) in partnership with SEMI SILENT / Asociaţia Jumătatea plină (Bucharest, RO) and supported by the European Union under the House of Europe program.

La Pesch


Carina Pesch (born 1983) studied Social Anthropology, Political Sciences, and Philosophy at the University of Leipzig and at the Orient Institute Beirut. La Pesch's art works range between fiction and reality, always with a strong sense for the specific ch...

Near Weiße Elster, Leipzig, Deutschland

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