While Walking

CC-BY-NC: Pohanna Pyne Feinberg

This audio walk was originally titled While Walking and presented in 2014 by the artist- rune centre, DARE-DARE, in Montreal, Québec: http://www.dare-dare.org/en/events/ pohanna-pyne-feinberg-research-residency

The audio walk was then adapted for publication in 2016 as a hybrid article + audio walk:
Pyne Feinberg, Pohanna (2016). Towards a Walking-based Pedagogy. Journal of the Canadian Association for Curriculum Studies, 14 (1), 147-
165. Web link: http://jcacs.journals.yorku.ca/index.php/ jcacs/article/view/40312

Photo credit: Pohanna Pyne Feinberg, 2015

This version of the audio walk features insights from four artists who walk as an aspect of their art practice:

– Victoria Stanton (https://bankofvictoria.com/)
– Kathleen Vaughan (http://www.akaredhanded.com/)
– karen elaine spencer (https://likewritingwithwater.wordpress.com/) – Dominique Ferraton (http://www.dominiqueferraton.ca/)

Accompanied by a downloadable guidebook, the
reader/listener/walker is invited read the article and then download the guidebook and audio in order to participate in the audio walk.

As cited from the article, Towards a Walking-based Pedagogy (Pyne Feinberg, 2016):

By offering this hybrid article, I invite you to engage in active reflection through the experience of walking and inter-sensory engagement with your chosen environment. To begin thinking about where you would like to walk, I suggest downloading the booklet that accompanies the audio walk. Reading the artists’ biographies and the suggested activities might give you a sense for the location that would be most conducive and beneficial for you.

Secondly, you can start planning the route by estimating that each audio track is five to seven minutes long or a total of about 30 minutes of listening. Additionally, in 2014, I found that participants benefited from allotting some walking time between the locations where we listened to each track. They were better able think through the richness of insights shared by the artists by including time to alternate between walking and listening. If you do incorporate these audio pauses between tracks, I recommend that you plan to walk for at least 45 minutes.

If you are familiar with your chosen route, you might also plan in advance where you will listen to each artist’s excerpt. Or perhaps you will improvise and decide along the way. Both options will yield interesting results. In either case, it will be helpful to preface each audio track by reading the artist’s biography as well as the suggested activities. These activities are designed to resonate with the comments from the artists while you listen to them and are intended to bring the participant into closer embodied contact with the ideas articulated. Following each audio track, you are also invited to read the accompanying questions/points of departure. The only materials that you will need to experience the audio walk are the booklet and the audio tracks; however, you may also want to carry something to write with in case you want to take notes and/or visually respond to some of the suggested activities.

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