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White Horse walks

Westbury, UK
Walking piece

Discover the Wessex White Horses with sonic artists and historians: as you walk, a series of rich soundscapes and expert comments are triggered by GPS.

Each free smartphone app will enrich a family walk, a solitary ramble or sociable picnic. Your device will register the sounds you have visited. When you have triggered them all you will be rewarded with a bonus image of a silk escape maps relating to the location. This can be played as a collecting game or simply walk at random within the sound zones.

The sound parks were created as part of Walking the Wessex White Horses, developing the work Ali Pretty and Richard White started in Wiltshire in 2013. The sounds were contributed by sonic artists from all over the world with additional contributions from walkers and historians, David Dawson and Brian Edwards. There are 9 white horses on the North Wessex Downs each with a sound park app: Alton Barnes, Broad Town, Cherhill, Devizes, Hackpen, Marlborough, Pewsey, Westbury and Uffington, visit them all and collect the set!


Hosted by: Richard White

APA style reference

White, R. (2013). White Horse walks. walk · listen · create.

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