Your Time is Now

Walking piece details

Duration45 minutes
Cost Free

Part of the Walk This Play® series by ThickSkin, commissioned by Lawrence Batley Theatre.

Huddersfield is trapped in a time loop. Unknowingly repeating the same day over and over. But time is slowing down, and the town is at risk of being lost forever.

Today’s assignment is to reactivate time.

Collect the clocks and clues that will help you on your way as Commander X guides you round the streets of Huddersfield. But hurry, you don’t have long! Your mission begins at Lawrence Batley Theatre.

Misha Duncan-Barry

Neil Bettles

Composer & Sound Designer
Lee Affen



ThickSkin is reinventing theatre for the next generation. We are reimagining what theatre can be and looking to share human stories through quality, future-facing, multi-disciplined formats. We’re developing 360° artists of the future for a hybrid world...

Near Huddersfield, an Ríocht Aontaithe

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