Substanzraum – Space Of Substance

Westduinpark, Den Haag, Netherlands

Shorelines is a collaborative project on writing and reciting stories related to the dividing line between land and water.

Alexander Johannes Heil Alexander Johannes Heil

The text fragment presented here is a part of my thesis I recently wrote for my Master’s Degree in ArtScience.
In this free poetic essay, I am exploring a new notion of global space as a borderless entity, through the free-associative combination of observation, research, and fiction. I call this conception of space Substanzraum – the space of substance.

Substanzraum – Space Of Substance

I can't remember who it was, but somebody told me that even if you would stand completely still, you would still travel through time. Imagine yourself standing at a beach. Your feet are in the water, and your body is in the air. Waves are gently curling between your legs, and a soft breeze is cooling your sun-heated skin. You are standing completely still. The winds, the waters, they traveled far. They experienced all kinds of different physical states. The waters climbed 10 km and higher as vapour in the air. They fell for minutes and hit the surface of the ocean with 25 km per hour. They melted into this massive body and tasted its salty flavour. The winds made mountains sing and ripped trees apart. They supported the gliding flight of a vulture, and by carrying the scent of a dead rabbit, lead it to its next meal. Now, these very substances, originating from everywhere, are moving around your body. Some are old, some are new, some are from far away, and some are from this very bay. They are mixing, mingling, dissolving freely in the cooling breeze and the gentle waves. You are standing completely still, however, transported by them, through deep time, by the non-linear motion of this spatial entity they create while gathering here, Substanzraum.
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