Meeting at the edge

Phillip Island Nature Park, Ventnor VIC, Australia

Shorelines is a collaborative project on writing and reciting stories related to the dividing line between land and water.

Susan BC

I would like to dedicate my writing to the people of Melbourne, Australia who are toughing it through months of strong, and necessary, restrictions due to the impacts of COVID-19. As are many others in the world.
We are wearing masks. We have a curfew. We cannot travel more than 5kms from our home without permits. We are hanging-in there for the safety of ourselves and others. The coastline at Ventnor on Phillip Island is special to me and to my family and many of our friends. I miss it. It has a feeling, sounds, views and memories that I love. This writing imagines a day when we can walk there again.

Meeting at the edge

Meet me at the edge
carry me down
over the line between elements
dusting away sand
caught cupped between my toes
marvel at the grainy sparkles
stuck to my skin

The thrill of a face
as the salt air
slams into our lungs

Here at the edge
of the wet and the dry
the salty foam
disappearing in bubbles
carved footprints in the cool damp
arms stretched wide
a mirror of the blue horizon.
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