Soft Edges

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Taylor Park Road, Tangier, Nova Scotia, Canada
Rounded, soft edges
Weathered, tossed, churned, and beaten
Carried away
Then back again

Murmle, gurgle, echoes low
The waters wash
Over, around and surrounds

Quiet beauty in a violent storm
Euphonious sounds as waters ebb
Objects of beauty
Out of place

There are so many
All unique
It’s hard to choose
Each better than the next

In the end the choice too great
It’s best they stay

To frolic
With the others
They will remain

For there must be
More, soft edges
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Zorica Kelly Markovich

Zorica Kelly Markovich

Zorica Kelly Markovich is a multi-disciplinary artist whose practice is driven by curiosity. Her process is one that considers networks, memory, and shared collective experience in relation to loss, permanence, presence, and absence, while drawing referenc...


Near Taylor Park Road, Tangier, Nova Scotia, Canada

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