We now cover Havana, Sydney, Auckland and Dublin

With the inclusion of Sydney and Auckland, we’re now covering cities on all continents (that have cities). Havana, with Cuba slowly opening up, is a great city to explore with Kompl, either physically or virtually. And Dublin, of course, is one of Europe’s hidden gems.

Photos by Siyamalan, Artur Staszewski, Corey Leopold and Miguel Mendez on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Shortly before our next major release, we wanted to include the last few remaining cities that were still up for being voted in. With the inclusion of Sydney and Auckland, in Australia and New Zealand, we now cover cities on all continents, save Antarctica. Though, of course, Antarctica doesn’t have any cities.

This means we’re now edging towards half a million indexed venues.

With the introduction of our next release, we will also facilitate the inclusion of any city, anywhere, based on third parties sponsoring cities for a limited period. If you’re interested to have your city included, give us a shout.