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Sound Walk September is the yearly global festival celebrating sound walks. We are now taking submissions for Sound Walk September 2020. Read our Open Call and submit a walking piece or event.

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On line meet up with Saira Niazi: “Walking as a woman of colour”

As a young girl I was taught that it is unsafe to wander alone. As a woman, I find nothing brings me more peace than wandering alone. I’ve traversed remote ‘nowhere’ landscapes; from lonely edgelands to expansive wetlands in areas throughout the world. Walking as a woman isn’t always easy, especially as woman of colour.

Life is travel, the case for the patron saint of walkers

The Vandals are at the gates. Augustine is deadly ill, spending his final days in prayer and repentance. Having coined the phrase "Solvitur ambulando", “it is solved by walking”, perhaps his ambulatory restlessness at the end of his life indirectly saved the city, as the Vandals initially retreated.

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Saira Niazi
Saira Niazi is a London based writer, community worker, renegade guide and founder of the Living London project.

Over the years, Niazi has explored, photographed and written about over a thousand hidden gems across the city, from bingo halls and burial grounds to wild nature reserves and derelict factories. Through her explorations, she has met hundreds of interesting Londoners - artists, activists, urban explorers, filmmakers, storytellers, mudlarks, conservationists- even a lighthouse keeper. She has been leading secret wanderings, workshops and events in different areas of London for people from across the world for many years working for clients including the Tate, Museum of London, Airbnb, Kings College, citizenM and Ace Hotel.

Her writing has been published in various magazines and journals including Huck, Dazed, Time Out, the New Statesman and University of Arts London's Insights. On Belonging: Reflections of a Renegade Guide is Niazi's seventh book. Find out more about her and her work: @livinglon
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Stuck at home, but let’s talk: walk · listen · café

On April 28, walk · listen · create introduces walk · listen · café, a bi-weekly online meeting for creatives in the fields of walking and sound art. Join us!
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