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A walk with Kazantzakis

A performative soundwalk in Athens, actors interpreting Report to Greco by Kazantzakis, carrying their path in small bags, leaving a trace of sand through the old part of Athens, together with the walkers receiving a portable bluetooth speaker, triggered by approaching locations on the trajectory. Walkers become sound carriers of imaginary and real travels in the world and time of…


11 Dec 2019 | Radical Stroud

Liberal Democratic Fascism

When the Daily Express and the Daily Mail tried to control The Prime Minister, Stanley Baldwin, back in the thirties, He commented in his masculine way: ‘What the proprietorship of these newspapers is aiming at is power, But power without responsib...

11 Dec 2019 | Radical Stroud

Tactical Voting and Conscience

Green Principles, Pragmatism and stopping the Tories in Stroud There are those who say that when they cast their vote, They have to vote according to their conscience, To their ‘principles’, Rather than pragmatically or tactically, Rejecting any i...


PEEP #16 Ambiances – Natacha Cyrulnik & Gilles Malatray

Séminaire Pratiques de l’écoute, écoute des pratiques Ambiances Mercredi 18 décembre 2019 de 09:30 à 12:30 IMéRA, Maison des Astronomes 2 Place Le verrier 13004 Marseille Entrée libre L’ambiance a une longue histoire dans les pratiques d’écoute. Commençons par exemple, avec la musique d’ameublement de Éric Satie. Avec l’arrivée de l’écologie sonore, le « World … Continuer &agr...


Auricularités paysagères kinesthésiques

  Faire avancer un travail, c’est sans cesse le requestionner, le remettre dans un champ de problématiques qui évoluent au fil du temps, et des expériences. Quelques questions récurrentes, dont je me suis fais miennes, m’aident à garder une dynamique évolutive, à ce que je nommerai ici un projet d’auricularités paysagères kinesthésiques. L’écoute, comment ça … Continuer à lire ... ...

09 Dec 2019 | Radical Stroud

Stroud’s Political Spectrum

Stroud’s Spectrum The colours of Stroud’s spectrum are not what they seem: Vote Red: Get Green. And this you know is true: Vote Green: Get Blue. It’s not some fictive story: Vote Green: Get Tory. So keep it real and serene: Vote Red: Get Green...

09 Dec 2019 | Radical Stroud

Jolly Well Vote Labour

Jolly Well Vote Labour: A New Christmas Carol Oh for a new Charles Dickens classic: Jolly Well Vote Labour – No more of that Bob Cratchit toasting Scrooge: "Mr. Scrooge!... I'll give you Mr. Scrooge, the Founder of the Feast!" – In the most comple...


City Sonic 2019 -Voirmarchécouter Louvain la Neuve

Parcours entre chiens et loups L’obscurité gagne du terrain entre-deux le fond de l’air est frais humide je parcours la cité un circuit festivalier bien connu de mes pieds et de mon corps marchant depuis plusieurs semaines en zigzag ou en lignes traversantes aujourd’hui sans micros. à oreilles nues dirais-je cette fois-ci avec un appareil … Continuer à lire ... "City Sonic 2019 -Voirmarchécouter Louvain la Neuve"

08 Dec 2019 | rdb notes

Lion’s Holt

I journeyed from Aberystwyth to Lympstone, involving 5 trains - the last leg was the branch line from Exeter Central down to Exmouth. As you will know, Central was the high level station operated by Southern, who also controlled the Exmouth branch, g...

07 Dec 2019 | Radical Stroud

Medieval Monarchy and a Radical View

Edward the Second Kings and Queens, Princesses and Princes, Fairy Stories for children and for grown-ups, But this is no fairy tale, This is the story of a reign gone wrong: King Edward the Second, most foul murdered, So-say, on our Berkeley Cast...

07 Dec 2019 | Radical Stroud

Radical Cirencester

Cirencester seems like a typical High-Tory Cotswold sort of town, Men in yellow and red cord trousers - Profuse pocket kerchiefs, tweed jackets, Highly polished shiny brown brogue shoes, Conservative ladies who take luncheon, Just one silent begg...

06 Dec 2019 | Reading and Walking

115. Chris Mays, “‘You Can’t Make This Stuff Up’: Complexity, Facts, and Creative Nonfiction”

Tired of reading about methodologies in the social sciences, I retreated to more familiar ground: the humanities in general, and Chris Mays’s “‘You Can’t Make This Stuff Up’: Complexity, Facts, and Creative Nonfiction” in particular. Mays begins with a 30-year-old article on rhetoric by Jim W. Corder, in which Corder explains that “we all ‘creat[e] […]