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Vergehen (Passing) – opera that you walk

Imagine that you take a walk at the river Isar in Munich. Your smartphone starts a conversation, involving you in a discourse about memories and the past. How would that sound? It’s almost a pact: the smartphone lets us participate in the seemingly endless treasures of information and knowledge, all from a small personal companion. In return, we reveal our…


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21 Feb 2020 | Curated News

Grand Tour – An art walk of 200 km in Catalonia

    [embed][/embed]   There are several stages during the art walk. In each one an artist or group of artists will share something with the visitors: music, dance, visual arts, poetry… Every day people walk about 15 to 25 kilometers along with an artist or a group of artists who have prepared something for them. The path follows a topographical spiral down and around the region, crossing urban and rural areas, natural landscapes, and seaside or mountain trails. Both during the walk and at stops, the artists perform and make their artistic interventions—poetry, dance, installations, music. Day and night. Source: Grand Tour – Un proyecto de Nau Côclea


Parcours Audio Sensibles nocturnes, nuits sur écoute

En préambule, donner à entendre, la nuit Entendre, la nuit. Écouter est une activité qui peut nous sembler naturelle, plus ou moins consciente, presque vitale dans certaines circonstances, ou tout au moins des plus importantes dans des relations sociales au quotidien. Écouter son environnement, au-delà des situations de crise, d’agression et de pollution sonore, est … Continuer à lire ... "Parcours Audio Sensibles nocturnes, nuits sur &eacu...

20 Feb 2020 | Radical Stroud

Radical Stroud Walks programme 2020

Some walks confirmed – others will have dates confirmed on this website – others more tentative – walkers may need to check social media etc or Good on Paper for precise details. After discussing it with Radical Stroud members, we can’t do Saturdays, I...

20 Feb 2020 | Curated News

The Artist Walking Between Two Seas in Istanbul

For years, artist Serkan Taycan has documented a nearly 40-mile route through the outskirts of Istanbul, which traverses rarely seen landscapes. He facilitates walks through the area, now at risk due to a proposed shipping canal. Source: The Artist Walking Between Two Seas in Istanbul

20 Feb 2020 | Curated News

Radio Art

60 Second Radio invites radio and sound artists to produce radio clips that are exactly 60 seconds short. There is no imposed theme. Contest winners will receive one of the Gold (1000$), Silver (750$) and Bronze (500$) Transistors Awards. Source: Radio Art

20 Feb 2020 | Museum of Walking

And nobler cares than listless summer knew

The final line of a sonnet written by William Wordsworth depicting the coming of Autumn, could provide the preface to Autumn Colours, our latest chapbook anthology of seasonal flash stories, published in conjunction with Sampson Low and similar to other chapbooks, beautifully illustrated by Alban Low and edited by Rebekah Lattin-Rawstrone. This year sees the […]

16 Feb 2020 | 33 Temple

Performance / Recorded Event Map

Looking back at various performances and events that I had managed to record (or obtain a recording of following a live event), the thought came to me that it would be useful to devise a method of overseeing the collection of activities and the idea of...

14 Feb 2020 | Curated News

A 42km walk in Deveron

Deveron, in Scotland, is organising their annual 42km walk on the 13th of June. This year, the marathon-length walk will be designed with artist Iman Tajik. Through Bordered Miles, they are looking at issues surrounding migration, borders and landflight - past and present in an area in Scotland that has been depopulated through political activity, while many say, our country is full. More here.

14 Feb 2020 | Walkspace

Dazzle Walks

Emily Roderick, who splits her art-life between the Midlands and that London, was featured in the Guardian the other week along with the rest of The Dazzle Club, doing walks through the capital with their faces painted with abstract shapes. They're using a technique developed by artist Adam Harvey that he called CV Dazzle in […]

14 Feb 2020 | Walkspace

A Walk is a Tool and a Platform

The latest issue of Craig Mod's Ridgeline, his excellent newsletter about walking to which you should all subscribe, appeared in my inbox with the above title and got me all excited because it would make the perfect manifesto for Walkspace. Walking as tool for creating something new, be it ideas or actualised work. Walking as […]