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OpenCity Stuttgart

This 2016 walk was composed by Andrew Brown in collaboration with Lise Olsen, Demi Hill and Emily Stollery, as part of the Spaces of Uncertainty Summer Academy that took place at the Württembergische Kunstverein in Stuttgart. It was inspired by the activism around the Stuttgart21 project, which turned the city into a vast construction site. Whilst the walk is located…


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31 May 2020 | Walkspace

Walking the Pipe with Kate Green

Following an arbitrary line is a tried and tested technique for the curious walker. The landscape and its contents will reveal themselves in a sequence determined by your line. Pick a start, an end and draw line between them. Follow that line and keep you eyes and ears open. Kate Green spent the last year […]


Point d’ouïe, jardin sonique, jardin tonique

Translate this page   Point d’ouïe 19h30 d’un soir déconfiné un temps estival avant l’heure un jardin public un banc un lieu ivre de vie un lieu débordant de vie apéros pique-niques sports anniversaires jeux d’enfants à force cris ça sonne ça bruissonne ça vibrillonne tout ça à mes oreille comblées la vie dans ses … Continuer à lire ... "Point d’ouïe, jardin sonique, jardi...

30 May 2020 | Richard White. Walking. Social Media. Heritage - Blog

Sara’s Last Steps

 In May I should have been walking with co-artist Lorna Brunstein developing a programme of work for installation at the Lake District Holocaust Project. Sara's Last Steps would have taken place during a weekend of events commemorating the arrival of a group of Jewish child refugees to a location near Windermere in 1945. The weekend included a planned reunion of those still living  and able to travel plus their families and descendants. Sadly the virus has put paid to that and the proj [...]

28 May 2020 | Walkspace

Mapping Stirchley

Everyone currently involved in Walkspace lives in the Birmingham suburb of Stirchley and the lockdown has made us keenly aware of our immediate surroundings. Walking the same routes again and again means we're noticing things for the first time and figuring out new routes to perambulate along. So we've started mapping things-of-note. It's currently just […]

28 May 2020 | Reading and Walking

Walking West, Again

It’s a breezy, cool, sunny day and I’m walking towards 13th Avenue. i notice a miniature Adirondack chair at the foot of an elm tree next to the sidewalk, and I’m reminded of the tiny chairs at the beginning of The Friendly Giant. Down the street, a lawn is entirely occupied by large rhubarb plants; […]

28 May 2020 | Walkspace

Walking Weird Britain

Weird Walk is a zine in the true sense of the word. Sure, it's an A5 publication of 40-odd pages that you get in the post, but it's also a collection words and pictures about a thing that the authors are obsessed with and which they need to put in a package to send into […]


Un paysagiste sonore

Translate this page   Un paysagiste sonore est un homme à l’oreille curieuse, qui puise dans le paysage de la matière sonore, pour la ré-agencer et la réinstaller parfois, la repenser, souvent dans des gestes collectifs. Il revisite ainsi de nombreux espaces inouïs, des jardins sonores à parcourir, des formes de musées auriculaires vivants, à … Continuer à lire ... "Un paysagiste sonore"

26 May 2020 | Reading and Walking

Walking to the Western Edge of the City and Back

It’s a cool Sunday afternoon. I smell woodsmoke as I begin my walk. A family riding their bicycles on the sidewalk forces me into the street. I stop to admire tulips in bloom beside a mailbox. The same gardener has placed red flowers in an old, broken wheelbarrow. I wonder if they are impatiens—Christine has […]

26 May 2020 | 33 Temple

Teaching Online

In the past I had sought out a number of paths towards studying online and had enrolled onto short programs organised under the 'Coursera' banner. These courses were written and taught by lecturers at institutions around the world and in structure were...