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Psychogeography and disruption

Billie Penfold, shortlisted for the SWS20 Awards, will talk about psychogeography and her walking practice, seeking to disrupt, more than to resolve.


Online meet-up with Ella Parry-Davies: Walking with migrant domestic workers

Meet Ella Parry-Davies, the facilitator of Home Makers, a collection of sound walks recorded and co-edited with migrant domestic workers in the UK and Lebanon.


On-line meet up with Kerri Andrews – Wanderers, a history of women walking

Writer and academic Kerri Andrews has recently written “Wanderers: A History of Women Walking” that challenges the male-dominated history of walking.


Plant(e)scape: walking as a botanical manifest / walking with plants

Simona Vermeire is researching and exploring the common grounds between the botanical world and walking, relating to vegetal or plant thinking to promenadology. She introduces us in her talk in the concept and visions of Plant(e)scape, into plant-thinking and plant-philosophy, relating her ideas to walking in nature, walking with plants and walking as becoming plants.


On line meet up with composer Helen Ottaway: The role of movement in the participation in and appreciation of art

Movement is essential to life and art. Helen is interested in how we perceive movement, how we use it and how it changes us.


On line meet up with Horatio Clare: Slow Radio – a new way of thinking about, making and listening to radio?

Immersive sound walks have been around for a few decades, enjoyed by individual listeners or in small groups of listeners. Award-winning author and radio producer, Horatio Clare teaming up with the BBC, has hugely increased the audience for sound walks. His narrative combined with quality soundscapes recorded on foot in remote areas, has generated hundreds of thousands of new listeners to a phenomenon know as "Slow Radio".


On line meet up with Mel Sutton: “When does a walk become a meditation?”

We frequently walk with the soul purpose of getting from one place to another But where are we in between?


Online meet-up: Martin Foessleitner on ‘Waylosing’

Waylosing; a kind of reference to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle: how go balance the need for orientation and the desire for the unexpected, unorganized, strange, wild unknown teritory?


Online meetup with Ioannis Ziogas: “A Topos of Return: Prespa”

A ‘topos (locus) of Return’ is a place that becomes persistent in one’s memory and body. How is the need for return connected to walking? How is the walking body transformed by return?


Online meetup: Jez Hastings on ‘Be More Mountain’

Artist Jez Hastings talks about how he, when walking, tries to weave himself into the environment that surrounds him.