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For both walk · listen · create and Sound Walk September, your support is indispensable.

Include your work

If you have created walking pieces in the past, or are hosting an event related to walking, you can include your pieces here, and your events here.

You will need to register and login first.

You can also include your website(s), which we can automatically monitor for new content, if your website is related to walking.

More info here.

Write about your work

If you’re keen on sharing your work with a broad community of creatives working in the field of walking or sound walking, we can discuss whether your piece fits within the context of our website, and you can write about your work for inclusion as an article on our website.

Take a look at a few previous articles, like the piece Yonatan Collier wrote about his walking piece Taman Tugu, or the insight Anne Brunborg Lie provided on her walking piece Entangled Formation.

Contact us if you’re interested in sharing your work with a broader audience.

Promote your work

Every page on the walk · listen · create website has space for one promotional notification. The spot is a very prominent location, at the top of every page, underneath the menu. The spot is visible on every screen whenever a user loads a page on our site.

If you are not seeing the promotional space filled with a notice right now, you’re probably using an ad-blocker that has managed to block the promotion.

We offer the possibility of you putting your promotion in this space at a fixed rate of, currently, 10 euros CPM. That means that your promotion is seen 1000 times at a cost of 10 euros. As only actual visualisations of your promotion are counted, this means a guaranteed 1000 views for 10 euros. That is, if a visitor’s ad-blocker manages to block your promotion, the visit is not counted against your purchased views.

At the moment, this promotion includes three different banner sizes for differently sized screens:

  • 250×250 pixels for small screens.
  • 728×90 pixels for medium sized screens.
  • 980×120 pixels for large screens.

We require a minimum of 100 euros to start showing your promotion. This amount is tax-exempt.

We reserve the right to decline certain promotions.

Contact us, or Babak directly, to get the ball rolling.

Support/sponsor Sound Walk September

You, or your product or organization, can support/sponsor an edition, one year, of Sound Walk September for, at the moment, 1000 GBP. No VAT is charged.

Besides a pleasantly fuzzy feeling, supporting Sound Walk September gives you:

  • A mention, with your logo and URL, on every page of our website related to Sound Walk September, for the duration of the edition, roughly coinciding with a full calendar year.
  • A mention in every piece of media communication related to the particular edition of Sound Walk September.
  • An article on our website, on your work, product, or organization.

We are keen on thinking big. Don’t hesitate to discuss a custom opportunity with us.

Contact us to make this happen.