Work with us

For both walk · listen · create and Sound Walk September, your support is indispensable.

Include your work

If you have created walking pieces in the past, or are hosting an event related to walking, you can include your pieces here, and your events here.

You will need to register and login first.

You can also include your website(s), which we can automatically monitor for new content, if your website is related to walking.

More info here.

Write about your work, or encourage others to write

If you’re keen on sharing your work with a broad community of creatives working in the field of walking or sound walking, we can discuss whether your piece fits within the context of our website, and you can write about your work for inclusion as an article on our website.

Take a look at a few previous articles, like the piece Yonatan Collier wrote about his walking piece Taman Tugu, or the insight Anne Brunborg Lie provided on her walking piece Entangled Formation.

Contact us if you’re interested in sharing work with a broader audience.

Become a supporting member

You can become a supporting member, with a recurring contribution. Members get a few perks, including free access to our online cafés.

If you’re an organisation, you can become a ‘Platinum’, or institutional, member, giving regular (‘silver’) membership to up to members in your organisation.

Read more on our membership plans.

Support a café

Every two weeks, we host an online walk · listen · café, where we meet creatives in the fields of walking and sound art.

You can sponsor a café for, at the moment, 150 euro. For this amount, you get the following:

  • Your organisation is featured on the event page.
  • Your organisation, with a short blurb, is mentioned at the start and end of the café.
  • You receive 5 complimentary tickets.

Sponsor the weekly curated newsletter

At the start of every week, we send out a curated mailing; looking back on the previous week, and ahead to the coming week. This newsletter includes the most interesting updates from our network, and the latest relevant news from around the world. You can learn more about our newsletter.

Sponsorship of our newsletter currently comes in at 50 euro per mailing. With this, your organisation is mentioned at the top and bottom of the newsletter. Check out our recent archive of mailings to take a look at previous newsletters.

Support/sponsor Sound Walk September

You, or your product or organisation, can support/sponsor an edition, one year, of Sound Walk September for, at the moment, 2500 euro.

Besides a pleasantly fuzzy feeling, supporting Sound Walk September gives you:

  • A mention, with your logo and URL, on every page of our website related to Sound Walk September, for the duration of the edition, roughly coinciding with a full calendar year.
  • A mention in every piece of media communication related to the particular edition of Sound Walk September.
  • An article on our website, on your work, product, or organization.

Alternative ways of providing sponsorship can be discussed.

Contact us to make this happen.

Sponsor our awards

We run two awards which recognise walking art, the Sound Walk September Awards and the Marŝarto Awards. Contact us if you are interested in supporting these.