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Walking Piece
Wanderers – 2021

2414 Regent Drive, Boulder, CO 80309, USA

Walking Piece
Walking the Burn of Vaara

Clousta, Shetland, UK

A walk from loch to loch along the Burn of Vaara, Clousta, Shetland

Walking Piece
London Christmas Treasure Hunt

Questo App

St. Paul's Cathedral, London, UK

A walk through the heart of old London in search of the places, traditions and stories that influence how we celebrate Christmas today. Solve clues to find the spirit of Christmas along the way!

Walking Piece SWS23
Combe Valley Biography

Bexhill, Bexhill-on-Sea, East Sussex, UK

History and Nature walks of Combe Valley in East Sussex revealing the history and the special flora and fauna of this remarkable valley. The valley stretches as far as the Watermill & Powdermill Streams and the Combe Haven river and seashore.

Walking Piece SWS23
Wilder Ranch State Park

Bonny Doon, CA, USA

The texture of the terrain of the earth provoked the linguistic explorations of hell and heaven allegories and their respective symbolism of fire and ice or sunshine and rainbows.

Walking Piece SWS23
F for Farnham

University for the Creative Arts and Farnham Town Council

Farnham, Surrey, UK

a self-guided audio story walk taking you on a ghostly journey around Surrey's most haunted town. Do not walk alone.

Walking Piece SWS23
Telescope Club Sound Walk — A Meditation on Change Along the Canal

Telescope Club

Regent's Canal, London, UK

A sound walk experience of 5 locations along the Regent's Canal, consisting of photography, music and prose.

Walking Piece
Portrait of a pilgrimage


I walked 800 kilometres on foot from Istanbul to Konya in Turkey. Along the way I reached out to people I met a handful of cards with quotes by Rumi and asked them to choose one. As a result, an encounter becomes actual contact.

Walking Piece
Sonic Byte: Wingham Brush Boardwalk

Wingham NSW, Australia

A short stroll through the remnant lowland subtropical rainforest, Wingham Brush Nature Reserve, wedged between the town of Wingham and the Manning River on the Mid North Coast of NSW. Part of the Regional Futures project.

Walking Piece SWS23
The soundtrack of here

A micro-app which constructs the soundtrack of the places you physically move through.

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Walking Piece SWS20
The 42 walks of Contención Island

Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

Walking Piece SWS20
A Different LENS

The Margate Bookie and Margate NOW2020 delivered through CGeomap.eu

Kent, UK

Walking Piece SWS22

Swim Pony and the PA Environmental Council

Pennsylvania, USA

A storytelling app that puts YOU in the center of the drama! Step into character and run from monsters, uncover mysteries or adventure into secrets from the past. TrailOff uses your phone’s GPS to sync to your movements as you walk each trail.

Walking Piece SWS21
Political Soundwalks: listening to the political protests in Minsk, Belarus

Walking as a Question

Minsk, Belarus

Walking Piece SWS21
Lore of The Wild

Metal and London Borough of Bexley for Estuary 2021.

Lesnes Abbey Woods, Walden Close, Belvedere, UK

Walking Piece
La Grand Tour 2017
Walking Piece
Treasure Hunt for the Imagination
Walking Piece SWS21
Where am I? A dislocated soundwalk

HUB Prespa

Walking Piece SWS22
Sunday For Seven Days (all over London)

Corporation Row, London, UK