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International Walking Arts Encounters/Conference (Prespa and remote)

July 4th to July 17th 2021, Prespa, Greece

What questions does walking pose? What questions can walking be used to explore? Who walks? Who chooses to walk? Who is forced to walk? Who can walk? Who cannot?

Thirty local walks and walkshops, twenty hybrid walkshops and fifteen audio walks (in Prespa and remote), twenty online events (walkshops, talks and panels) take place together with an exhibition and a three day conference in the village of Lemos at the Prespa Lake at the border of Greece, North Macedonia and Albania. The walks in Prespa intersect with walks of ten hubs in three continents, bringing walking together to a global level. This stands for a collective and collaborative celebration with more then a hundred walks around the planet in just ten days.

In raising walking as a question in itself, we invite critical and artistic engagement with the limits and possibilities of this most everyday of modalities.

Walking as a Question brings artists and researchers together,from more than 25 countries, joined in walking and discussing about questions of walking in a pandemic and post-pandemic perspective.

All events are for free and open for everyone with an interest in walking as an art. Free booking below.

Organized by the Department of Fine and Applied Arts, School of Fine Arts, University of Western Macedonia, Greece in collaboration with Made of Walking (VIII) / the Milena principle and walk · listen · create.

Prespa National Park, Prespes, Greece

dauner, daunder

A Scottish version of a walk that drifts.

Added by Alec Finlay

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